Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm Back...in more ways than one!

O my goodness, I'm dissapointed in myself for not keeping up with my blog. My goal was to use it as a journal for my battle with Hodgkin's Disease. I do have an excuse though. My computer has been sick, like me for a while! It's finally back and running. I have so much to say since I last wrote. January was my last post, its now June and I can happily say I'm cancer free!!! I finished chemo in April, which put me through six months of ABVD treatments. In March before I finished I had CT and PET scans done to determine the extent of the disease left, if any. By the grace of God all signs of the disease were diminished and I was declared in remission. I started radiation two weeks ago, and I will do that for eight weeks Monday through Friday. Even though I'm in remission radiation treatment is recommended. It has been noted to increase the cure rate after chemo by up to 10%. I did lose most of my hair while doing chemo, but it is coming back, and looks good. I still wear scarves, but most people would say I don't really need to. I think another inch and I'll feel comfortable without one. Chemo was not easy, but I came through very strong and did not really experience any terrible side effects. Radiation so far has been a breeze, however it does make me a little tired. I met a wonderful friend through this whole experience who, like me battled Hodgkin's. Her battle was probably more difficult than mine, but we both can relate to each other very well. We have only been able to talk on the phone for several months, but in September she will be flying in to see me. I attended Relay for Life in my home town last Friday night. I was able to walk with the survivors to kick off the event. I can't describe how good the feeling was, even more indescribable than when I found out I had cancer. My life is slowly, but surely finding its way back to normal. But an experience like this one changes you forever. I just accepted my first teaching job a few weeks ago, and will be starting in August- sixth grade science! I can't wait. To those of you interested in Hodgkin's check out this website, this girl is amazing. www.alesecoco.org Until next time...


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