Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cancer at 22

Imagine being happy, healthy, good looking, twenty-one, about to be twenty-two, just about to finish your college career. One day you wake up feeling great on your way to school, you notice a lump on the side of your neck. Within two weeks you are diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease Lymphoma. CANCER. That's me. Cancer doesn't happen to people like me, and certainly not someone who is 22 years old. That was my old way of thinking. Now I know cancer doesn't discriminate against race, age, ethnicity, or religon. Today, it has been almost three months since my diagnosis. I endure chemotherapy over a 24 hour period every other week. A girl who used to be consumed with the way she looked, now sees there are far more important things in life. Those long, dark, curly locks that I used to get complimented on every day are gone. Sometimes I still get discouraged. But mostly I feel like this happened to me for a reason. Maybe to change my outlook on life, or to teach me some sort of lesson. I may never know. What I do know is how I want my experience to teach others and support others dealing with cancer. I hope to raise cancer awareness. If only one person goes for a routine checkup and discovers cancer, early, able to treat it and live a longer life because of me, I will feel complete.


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